Has it ever happened to you that your husband asked you to fetch the best white shirt from his wardrobe because he wanted to look perfect in his meeting and what you got for him a crumbled white shirt?

You would never want your husband to wear a shirt full of creases but unfortunately, it always happens.

Have the teacher punished your child for not coming to the school in a well-ironed school dress?

Have you ever suffered embarrassment for wearing a crumbled sari?

We are sure that you must have encountered one or more above mentioned situation in your life. These are some common situations that almost every woman faces.

With the hope of getting prim and perfect clothes back, you send the clothes to laundry but what you get back is a pile of clothes wrapped in a sari or a piece of fabric. On opening it, all you can see is a disaster; all your clothes proudly showcasing creases everywhere.


This common problem though sounds small but is quite nasty. Who would like to see the expensive fabrics turn into crumble?

All these things raise just one question. Is there any solution to this age old problem? Is there any way to get rid of this issue? Is there anything that could save the expensive clothes from getting spoiled?

Well, we are really excited to crack this good news in front of all you ladies who have long suffered this problem. We have the best answer to all your questions and the answer is Ironcare.


Ironcare: Bliss

Ironcare is no less than bliss for you if you are also tired of seeing your clothes turns into piece of crumbles. Ironcare promises you to keep all your ironed clothes prim and perfect.

Ironcare is basically a cloth organizer. You can arrange your well-ironed clothes into the organizer and be sure that you will find your clothes in the best condition; free of any crease or crumble.

The organizers come with light padding and are lightweight. The padding keeps all your clothes safe whereas, the lightweight enables easy portability of the bag. The handle of the organizer further eases out all the portability issues. The organizer also comes with a folding sheet which makes it very easy to fold the garments.

The cloth organizer comes in two sizes- a small one and a regular one. The regular Ironcare organizer is large enough to accommodate about 15 to 20 garments. The small Ironcare organizers, on the other hand, come with enough room for 7 to 10 garments. The transparent sides of the organizer makes it easy to identify the clothes without opening the bag and rummaging through the well ironed and folded clothes.

The organizers are fabricated from a high-quality material. So, you don’t have to worry about the durability. You can be sure about greater durability.

Ironcare organizer is not just a bag organizer. It is like a knight in the shining armor that is indicated to prevent the angelic, neat, and clean and well- ironed clothes from the attack of ugly creases.

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