Q1. What does an Ironcare Orbagnizer do?

This is a special and sturdy bag designed especially for Indian households where clothes are given to a laundryman for ironing. The unique and sturdy design of this bag ensures that your freshly ironed clothes retain their pristine smoothness and wrinkle-free state during the transit between the laundry service provider and your home. The water repellent exterior keeps clothes safe and secure from external elements too.

Q2. What does the Ironcare Orbagnizer App do?

With the Ironcare Orbagnizer app on your phone, you can keep track of your laundry orders and validate the time of receiving. You can also add vendor (laundryman) details, call them directly from the app, track number of clothes, click pictures as proof, and auto generate an order summary with pictures. This app also provides bill summaries for expense and payment tracking.

Q3. How does an Ironcare Orbagnizer make life simpler for me?

We all know how razor sharp creases crumble and wrinkles home in on clothes when the laundryman brings your fresh pressed clothes home to you in a cloth wrapped pile. These garments then swallow precious morning minutes when you have to do ironing touch ups all over again. The Ironcare Orbagnizer ensures your clothes stay unwrinkled and fresh pressed inside the bag.

Then there is the equally efficient Ironcare Orbagnizer App that does away with tracking headaches – how many clothes were given, details of each one, when these were given and received back, how much are the dues and lot more besides. This app even lets you click pictures of each and every garment for cross checking at the time of receiving.

Q4. Is there just one type of Ironcare Orbagnizer available?

Not at all, Ironcare Orbagnizer is available in two sizes – small and regular. The small version is more suitable for bachelors who typically have smaller volumes of laundry. It is also lighter in weight and has transparent sides for easy garment identification. In contrast the regular version – more suited for couples and families – has a bigger garment capacity, a pocket, handles for carrying convenience and additional cushioning to protect the larger number of garments inside. You can choose the one that matches your needs the best.

Q5. How many clothes can I place in my Ironcare Orbagnizer?

Ironcare Orbagnizer (small) fits 7 to 10 clothes depending on the garment type*.

Ironcare Orbagnizer (regular) fits 15-20 clothes depending on the garment type*.

*Denim jeans, jackets, anarkalis and formal shirts etc need more space as compared to T-shirts, shorts, casual cotton kurtas and churidars. Hence the total no. of garments you can place in your Ironcare Orbagnizer will depend on your garment mix.

Q6. How do I learn to use my Ironcare Orbagnizer?

This easy-to-pack bag has a simple design that needs no special training to use. Still, for your convenience, the usage instructions have been printed on the support sheet that comes with your bag.

Q7. What is the folding sheet given inside the bag? How do I use it?

The folding sheet is a handy and time saving tool to quickly fold ironed garments with precision. As this sheet is sized to fit the bag interiors, garments folded using stay wrinkle free inside the bag. The instruction sheet given with the bag has a detailed diagram on how to use the sheet.

Q8. Is this bag waterproof?

The Ironcare Orbagnizer is made of water repellant (not waterproof) material to keep your clothes inside safe from any sudden showers.

Q9. What is the material it is made of?

The Ironcare Orbagnizer is made with polyester fabric sewn with nylon threads for major strength and lasting durability.

Q10. Can I wash my Ironcare Orbagnizer?

You can wipe your bag’s surfaces with a wet cloth to remove any dust etc. We do not recommend hand/machine wash for your Ironcare Orbagnizer.

Q11. How can I be sure that the laundryman will not mix my Ironcare Orbagnizer with another customer’s?

Have no worries! Like any quality piece of luggage, your Ironcare Orbagnizer too can be personalized in seconds with a nametag. The bag comes with a loop to hang your nametag from. A beautiful tag is also available as an optional buy.

Q12. Can I store my ironed clothes in it, put it in a suitcase and carry to another destination via car/train/airplane?

Yes, you can do so but we do not recommend it as it might take up your bag’s entire interior space. Good news though; we are coming up with a similar bag intended for travel which is lightweight and takes up less space.