Most Indian households source their garments’ ironing from neighbourhood laundrymen. Unfortunately even well ironed garments tend to catch wrinkles all over again while being delivered back to your home in a pile. It is indeed tiresome and time consuming to have your once perfectly ironed clothes need ironing touch ups all over again. IronCare Orbagnizer does away with this tiresome chore of re-ironing by giving you an ideal solution that maintains your ironed clothes’ integrity and keeps them in ready-to-wear state.

Save time

To help save you time and hassles; we create simple, stylish and fuss-free organizing solutions backed by handy apps that make day to day life more organized and less stressed for you.


To get our product designs right, we begin with identifying your organizing needs. Before we take a concept to design, a design to product, and a product to sales, we do thorough research into why you need it at all, what you will put in it, what it should do for you. Most important of all, how it will help make life easier for you! We put the same effort in developing a complimentary app to help cut down tracking hassles too.


Innovation at Orbagnize doesn’t stop at production and sales. Our customers’ reviews and feedbacks help us improve upon our designs on an ongoing basis for more efficiency, more time-saving for you.

Ironcare Orbagnizer

Our first offering – has been designed specifically for Indian households where laundry and ironing are often outsourced. We all know how perfect creases crumble and wrinkles home in on clothes when your service provider is bringing your fresh pressed clothes home to you in a pile. These garments then swallow precious morning minutes when you have to do ironing touch ups all over again. Well, Ironcare Orbagnizer ensures your clothes stay unwrinkled and fresh pressed inside the bag in transit. With the Ironcare Orbagnizer app on your phone, you can also keep track of your laundry orders, validate the time of receiving, add vendor (laundryman) details, call them directly from the app, track number of clothes, click pictures as proof, and auto generate order summaries with pictures. This app also provides bill summaries for expense and payment tracking. Imagine, receiving perfectly ironed clothes in pristine, ready-to-wear state, and zero bothers of remembering what was given and what was received! Blissful, isn’t it!
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