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Most Indian households source their garments’ ironing from neighbourhood laundrymen. Unfortunately even well ironed garments tend to catch wrinkles all over again while being delivered back to your home in a pile. It is indeed tiresome and time consuming to have your once perfectly ironed clothes need ironing touch ups all over again. IronCare Orbagnizer does away with this tiresome chore of re-ironing by giving you an ideal solution that maintains your ironed clothes’ integrity and keeps them in ready-to-wear state.



“Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”
--Edward de Bono


Stores around 20 garments. Depending on garment type. In case of T shirts, shorts, casuals and kids’ clothes, the count can go up.

High Quality

Fashionable and high-quality material used like Polyester fabric, cushion padding, nylon thread, LD sheet, Polyester belt.

Best Price

The IronCare Orbagnizer is an exceptionally innovative solution that saves times, cuts chores and offers easier organization of clothes; all in an eminently affordable price range.


Sleek, lightweight and with padded cushioning for clothes’ protection. The material is water resistant and the folding sheet is a support that together takes care of mishandling during transit.


Ergonomic design and cushioning from all sides to keep your clothes safe. It is made with polyester fabric sewn with nylon threads for major strength and lasting durability. The base contains a plastic sheet to preserve the bag’s shape.


Orbagnize warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.


Variety of uses, unique capabilities, and exceptional quality is guaranteed to impress even the staunchest critics. The stylish profile is an added bonus that would earn you some cool cred when you are carrying it around.

Easy To Use

The simple stacking and folding mechanism saves time. Durable belts with cushioned handles makes it easy to carry it around. The compact size makes it exceptionally easy to carry around and store when not in use.


Ironcare is a cloth organizer. You can arrange your well-ironed clothes into the organizer and be sure that you will find your clothes in the best condition; free of any crease or crumble. Specially designed for wrinkle free delivery by your presswala.

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The handle of the organizer further eases out all the portability issues. These double belt handles are durable and designed for convenience. The cushioning is for ease of carrying.

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IronCare Orbagnizer comes with many useful features. In addition to the above detailed benefits it has some irresistible features which together makes it stylish with convenience.

Free shipping

No shipping charges across India

App trackng

A unique app keep track on every garment given to presswala (coming soon)

ID Tag

It ID Tag to personalize your IronCare Orbagnizer. Loop feature with ring to hang the tag

Folding Sheet

Folding sheet to protect and help clothes to fold with speed and precision.


IronCare Orbagnizers

The bags come with three color options to choose from and matches with your family style.



₹ 1179.00



₹ 1179.00



₹ 1179.00


What does the Ironcare Orbagnizer App do?

With the Ironcare Orbagnizer app on your phone, you can keep track of your laundry orders and validate the time of receiving. You can also add vendor (laundryman) details, call them directly from the app, track number of clothes, click pictures as proof, and auto generate an order summary with pictures. This app also provides bill summaries for expense and payment tracking.

How can I be sure that the laundryman will not mix my Ironcare Orbagnizer with another customer’s?

Have no worries! Like any quality piece of luggage, your Ironcare Orbagnizer too can be personalized in seconds with a nametag. The bag comes with a loop to hang your nametag from. A beautiful tag is also available as an optional buy.

How do I learn to use my Ironcare Orbagnizer?

This easy-to-pack bag has a simple design that needs no special training to use. Still, for your convenience, the usage instructions have been printed on the support sheet that comes with your bag.

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App to keep track on every garment given to presswala.
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Here's what our customers have to says..

This is a really cool product. My iron guy used to bring the ironed cloths in a carry bags , half the time the cloths would be crumpled and creased, especially the collars of my shirts. Every morning I would have to iron the collars to get rid of the creases on them.This bag ensures that the cloths are intact. As a result, I shout lesser at my iron guy and he seems happier than me about this bag.


Sanjeet Kumar

Handy, efficient, can be used while traveling to keep clothes wrinkle free. Must have for folks who like to keep their clothes nice n tidy. Great product and equally better quality. Convenient to store and carry.